Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Amarel Story -- CyyKosis

Generation 0:
Estrella Dolver-Sperie -- A
Abbey Dolver-Sperie -- A

Generation 1:
Raydenne Amarel -- YA
Arycella Amarel -- YA

Generation 2:
Oriana Amarel -- YA
Theron Virmire -- A

The Mitchell Family Legacy - Anarathiel

All of my sims will be uploaded at Young Adult.
If a sim leaves the household before they reach young adulthood they will be added as a teen
Feel free to make changes to them, just nothing beyond recognition please.

Generation 1:
Auburn Mitchell
Blue Mitchell

Generation 2:
Coral Mitchell and her imaginary friend/partner Chuckles Mitchell
Denim Mitchell (teen)

Generation 3:
Eden Mitchell
Fuchsia Mitchell
Ginger Mitchell

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Crist Legacy - Klevkin

For more info on my sims and/or pictures of them, check out the download section on my blog.

Generation 2:
Boy Crist
Teen version
Young Adult Version

Generation 3:
Derrick Crist
Teen version