Random Legacies!

Anyone is free to edit this list at any given time, but please be sure the legacy in question meets the criteria set forward by Cece (ReyaD)- Ten chapters minimum and an update within the last month. This is in order to to keep the list relatively short and ensure that any new readers can quickly find ACTIVE and CURRENT legacies to enjoy.

If anything is incorrect, please feel free to change it in accordance with the rules stated above.

Also: Alphabetical order, please.

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FurureCarrie on 07/08/17     Added some legacies, moved some legacies, the usual shebang

Anything is Possible by GodReadingCrafts
A Clover and a Bee by owl_face
Chaos Theory by melnyx
The Cruz Family by Skyegal19
Goldbeard RLC by Becky
Hiding Out in Sunset Valley by MommyIce
Koyangi Random Legacy by Nocriel
Marquel Random Legacy by Convicteddreamer
Matthews Random Legacy by FutureCarrie
Ouroboros Legacy by Margaret Pendragon
Secrets of the Sixkillers by ShakespearsSunshyne
Slettin Legacy by Urunwa
Sparrows Random Legacy by Frogsnack

Archers Again by Becky (inactive)
As the Romans Do: A Random Legacy by Calisims (discontinued)
Avendale Legacy by heaven
The Beehive by owl_face
Brannon Random Legacy by Calisims (discontinued)
Burkhart Legacy  by Jessica x Gore (discontinued)
Cagley Family Legacy by Redhead Creations (inactive)
Carstairs Legacy by Amiisay (discontinued)
Clemetis Legacy by AliH (inactive)
Corcoran Story by ginj (inactive)
Crist Legacy by Klevkin (discontinued)
Dean Legacy by GigaRevival (inactive)
Dennis Legacy by GigaRevival (discontinued)
Diamond Legacy by Skyegal19
Diarmid's Are Forever  by Nuit (inactive)
Gaul Family Legacy by moonenvoy
Harris Legacy by GigaRevival (discontinued)
Kahekili Legacy by Nirar22
Keatts Legacy by Miss Puff (inactive)
Love Random Legacy by ReyaD
Maesson Legacy by asimplesparkle (inactive)
Marlin Legacy by ebec17 (discontinued)
Mattell Legacy  by gemly_teddie (discontinued)
McKinley Clan  by Buckley (inactive)
Mitchell Family Legacy by Anarathiel (inactive)
Moonstone Legacy by Kira Jay (inactive)
Overlord Legacy by misslaheela (inactive)
Revolver Legacy by Calisims (inactive)
Sabo Legacy by Reya D (discontinued)
Saffron Legacy by charmedqueen (discontinued)
Sandona Legacy by Aubriiwolfe (discontinued)
Sari Random Legacy by ReyaD (discontinued)
Sharp Legacy by Anarathiel (discontinued)
Snickerson Legacy by Zokugai (discontinued)
Soapberry Legacy by Wagaturtle
Spires Legacy by leriety (inactive)
Talliway Legacy by BlindingEchoes (discontinued)
The Amarel Story by CyyKosis (Previously the Sperie Random Legacy) (discontinued)
The Jamison Legacy by Skyegal19 (discontinued)
The Totally Random Slumpvis Legacy by Lorind (inactive)
Twist of Fate by Envie42 (discontinued)
Twisted Color by FruHurricane
When it Rains it Pours by Koaragirl (inactive)
Whitby Rainbow Randomcy by melanch0lydreams
Wilde Legacy by ll (discontinued)

Foster Enmity by Calisims
McDermott Legacy by Calisims
R&R Legacy by Becky
Scarlett Random Legacy by Skyegal19
Starr Legacy: A Sims Story by ReyaD
The Archers of Barnacle Bay by Becky